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Automated UNMAP/TRIM feature is available in VSAN 6.7U1 onwards. However it is disabled by default, and has to be enabled. This feature is supported only on VMs with Hardware version 11 or later (Windows) and Hardware version 13 (Linux VMs). Virtual Machines needs to be Power cycled after enabling TRIM/UNMAP. Enabling TRIM/UNMAP on cluster is […]

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vSAN Evacuation pre-check for Node, Diskgroup OR Disk

You can do a precheck for a vSAN Host, disk or diskgroup evacuation with with evacuate all data, ensure accessibility or no action options. vSAN ESXi host Evacuation Pre-check To fetch the UUID of the vSAN cluster hosts :-[[email protected]:~] cmmds-tool find -t HOSTNAME owner=5bc74ddf-6e77-df6b-1442-005056016fc3(Health: Healthy) uuid=5bc74ddf-6e77-df6b-1442-005056016fc3 type=HOSTNAME rev=0 minHostVer=0 [content = (“”)], errorStr=(null)owner=5bc74de0-dd5b-9199-e5ea-005056016fbb(Health: Healthy) uuid=5bc74de0-dd5b-9199-e5ea-005056016fbb […]