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  • VCSA “wcp” service keeps crashing
    “wcp” service crashes due to which the ESXi host can not be put out of maintenance mode (other symptoms can also occurs however I have never come across those) The VCSA “wcp” service keeps crashing while starting due to an invalid entry in the wcp config file Error executing start on service wcp. Details { […]
  • Important ESXi Networking Commands
    To get the available virtual switches information on ESXi host :- # esxcfg-vswitch -l [root] esxcfg-vswitch -lSwitch Name Num Ports Used Ports Configured Ports MTU UplinksvSwitch0 6656 4 128 9000 vmnic3 PortGroup Name VLAN ID Used Ports UplinksVM Network 0 0 vmnic3Management Network 4095 1 vmnic3 DVS Name Num Ports Used Ports Configured Ports MTU […]
  • Deploy Mattermost on any public cloud
    Below is an example to deploy it on Google Cloud Platform. But similar approach can be done for any cloud, AWS or Azure In today’s Enterprise, it is crucial to have a secure messaging portal where we can have multiple teams/groups set up. It should be easy to share information and files, with efficient search […]
  • Disable vSAN Modules during ESXi boot process
    Sometimes the ESXi host may stuck for very long time while loading vSAN while ESXi reboot. To isolate the issue from vSAN, you may need to boot the host without vSAN. Note: This may not be a feasible option if the data still exists on the host and the objects do not have sufficient raid […]
  • Deleting Inaccessible vSAN Objects
    Sometimes you may see few objects in Inaccessible state in vSAN cluster. Any disruptive action like abrupt power failure, or swap objects could be the reason for inaccessible objects.If the objects are no longer needed, we can check and get rid of them. SSH into vCenter and browse to vSAN cluster in RVC : Run […]
  • How to silence vSAN Health checks
    vSAN Health checks can be silenced through UI as well as RVC. Using both methods, we can silence the check, also restore any silent check. Through vSphere UI :- Through vCenter Ruby Console (RVC) :- RVC method uses the check IDs to silence or restore vSAN health checks. To list the status of all checks, […]
  • vSAN Encryption
    vSAN provides feature to encrypt the data at rest. Below are pre-requisites to enable vSAN encryption – You will need a Key Management Server (KMS) vCenter should establish a trusted connection with the KMS server and vice versa User should have privileges on vCenter :Host.Inventory.EditClusterCryptographer.ManageEncryptionPolicyCryptographer.ManageKMSCryptographer.ManageKeys To enable encryption, Go to cluster -> Configure tab -> […]
    Automated UNMAP/TRIM feature is available in VSAN 6.7U1 onwards. However it is disabled by default, and has to be enabled. This feature is supported only on VMs with Hardware version 11 or later (Windows) and Hardware version 13 (Linux VMs). Virtual Machines needs to be Power cycled after enabling TRIM/UNMAP. Enabling TRIM/UNMAP on cluster is […]
  • vSAN Evacuation pre-check for Node, Diskgroup OR Disk
    You can do a precheck for a vSAN Host, disk or diskgroup evacuation with with evacuate all data, ensure accessibility or no action options. vSAN ESXi host Evacuation Pre-check To fetch the UUID of the vSAN cluster hosts :-[root@esxi-1:~] cmmds-tool find -t HOSTNAME owner=5bc74ddf-6e77-df6b-1442-005056016fc3(Health: Healthy) uuid=5bc74ddf-6e77-df6b-1442-005056016fc3 type=HOSTNAME rev=0 minHostVer=0 [content = (“”)], errorStr=(null)owner=5bc74de0-dd5b-9199-e5ea-005056016fbb(Health: Healthy) uuid=5bc74de0-dd5b-9199-e5ea-005056016fbb […]
  • vDS Out of Sync
    This blog is focused on rectifying the vDS and making it in sync state. First, please you are not hitting a known BUG in vDS 6.6, check VMware Release Notes. You might see below warning in summary page of vDS The vSphere Distributed Switch configuration on some hosts differed from that of the vCenter Server […]
  • vPostgres Database useful commands
    Command to connect vPostgres : /opt/vmware/vpostgres/current/bin/psql -d VCDB -U postgres We can also connect with the vPostgres database using pgAdmin tool : vPostgres configuration related files :- /storage/db/vpostgres/pg_hba.conf – This config file stores the information about the users that can connect to the database. It also stores the info about the information about from where […]
  • vCenter Appliance Networking Commands
    Tool to check and modify the vCenter Appliance Network related configurations: # /opt/vmware/share/vami/vami_config_net Network eth0 configuration file : # /etc/systemd/network/  Command to list all open ports on PSC and vCenter Appliance: – # iptables -L port_filter -n –line-numbers From the above Iptables o/p, identify specific port is being used for which service : # iptables […]
  • Linux OS Run Levels
    When any Linux system boots, init is the first process to kick in which is responsible for running other processes/start scripts. These processes then take care of initialization of the hardware, networking etc. Init process looks for the default run level in the /etc/inittab file and start scripts corresponding to the default run level. 0 – […]
  • What’s new in vSphere 7.0
    Hurray! vSphere 7.0 is out. It’s a major release which has lots of new and additional features like LifeCycle Manager service, improved DRS, Assignable Hardware and more security with ADFS (Active Directory Federation services). For more info on 7.0 refer below links :-Features :- Release notes :- Upgrade Best practices for 7.0 :- […]
  • Changing Hostname on VCSA
    How To Change the FQDN/HOSTNAME/PNID of the vCenter Appliance 6.7 PNID or Hostname change was not supported on the previous versions of vCenter. However from 6.7 Update 3 onwards, we can change the FQDN. Below is the step by step procedure to change the FQDN : Make a entry of the new FQDN of the […]
  • VAMI/Appliance management page unable to cleanup old backup tasks even though Retention policy is set
    First of all take proper snapshot of the vCenter before making any changes. Check the content of file “/storage/applmgmt/backup_restore/backup_schedule.json” and verify the value of parameter “max_count”. It should be equal to the “number of backups to retain” in VAMI page. If the value is anything other than the retention policy setting or if the parameter […]
  • vPostgres service fails to start on vCenter Appliance with FATAL error “bogus data in lock file” on VCSA
    This article helps to get the vPostgres service up if the service is failing to start with FATAL error “bogus data in lock file” # service-control –start vmware-vpostgres Perform start operation. vmon_profile=None, svc_names=[‘vmware-vpostgres’], include_coreossvcs=False, include_leafossvcs=False 2019-11-06T21:38:14.283Z   Service vmware-vpostgres state STOPPED Error executing start on service vmware-vpostgres. Details {     “resolution”: null,     “detail”: [ […]
  • vpxd service crashes with ODBC error “ERROR: integer out of range” on vCenter 6.5
    vpxd service may crash due to out of range integer value for surr_key after long usage vpxd log will show error message like below :-[Vdb::IsRecoverableErrorCode] Unable to recover from HY000:1102020-06-12T19:46:47.037Z error vpxd[7FD1CE34C700] [Originator@6876 sub=Default opID=HostSync-host-39197-3811cb39] [VdbStatement] SQLError was thrown: “ODBC error: (22003) – ERROR: integer out of range;–> Error while executing the query” is returned […]
  • How to create VMFS partition on USB device for ESXi 6.x
    Plug in the USB device to the ESXi host Make sure that usbarbitrator service is off on the ESXi host so that the host will not use it as Passthrough : # /etc/init.d/usbarbitrator stop Check the usb in core device list : # esxcli storage core device list t10.SanDisk00Cruzer_Blade000000004C530001111202103073    Display Name: Local USB Direct-Access […]
  • PSOD happening on ESXi host after USB disconnect
    You might face a PSOD after/during the USB disconnect. If you have, you might see a PSOD with backtrace similar to below: cpu17:33399)@BlueScreen: #GP Exception 13 in world 33399:vmklinux_9:h @ 0x41802c42b8e8cpu17:33399)Code start: 0x41802c400000 VMK uptime: 3:16:17:26.592cpu17:33399)0x439113b9b830:[0x41802c42b8e8]DLM_malloc@vmkernel#nover+0x31c stack: 0x41802c7ae9c0cpu17:33399)0x439113b9b880:[0x41802c42d22b]DLM_memalign@vmkernel#nover+0x7f stack: 0x80cpu17:33399)0x439113b9b8b0:[0x41802c429c13]Heap_AlignWithTimeoutAndRA@vmkernel#nover+0xf3 stack: 0x15cpu17:33399)0x439113b9b940:[0x41802cb3c423]dma_pool_alloc@com.vmware.driverAPI#9.2+0x2b stack: 0x0cpu17:33399)0x439113b9b960:[0x41802ccf8807]ehci_qtd_alloc@#+0x17 stack: 0x5a3432352e32353acpu17:33399)0x439113b9b990:[0x41802ccf8fb4]qh_urb_transaction@#+0x318 stack: 0xffffffff21fa08d8cpu17:33399)0x439113b9ba10:[0x41802ccff1f2]ehci_urb_enqueue@#+0x5e stack: 0x0cpu17:33399)0x439113b9bac0:[0x41802ccdc151]usb_hcd_submit_urb@com.vmware.usb# stack: 0x202cpu17:33399)0x439113b9bbb0:[0x41802cce8d41]usb_submit_urb@com.vmware.usb# stack: 0x43050f664ac0cpu17:33399)0x439113b9bbe0:[0x41802cce47fd]usb_start_wait_urb@com.vmware.usb# stack: […]