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vSAN “Datastore does not match current VM policy”

Deploying new VM using vSAN policy will fail either with PBM error “No VASA Provider for schema namespace (VSAN) found”  or “Datastore does not match current VM policy”. Snapshot or backup task may also fail with error “Invalid virtual machine configuration. There are currently 0 usable fault domains. The operation requires 1 more usable fault […]

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How to silence vSAN Health checks

vSAN Health checks can be silenced through UI as well as RVC. Using both methods, we can silence the check and also restore any silent check. Through vSphere UI :- Through vCenter Ruby Console (RVC) :- RVC method uses the check IDs to silence or restore vSAN health checks. To list the status of all […]

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vSAN Encryption

vSAN provides feature to encrypt the data at rest. Below are pre-requisites to enable vSAN encryption – You will need a Key Management Server (KMS) vCenter should establish a trusted connection with the KMS server and vice versa User should have privileges on vCenter :Host.Inventory.EditClusterCryptographer.ManageEncryptionPolicyCryptographer.ManageKMSCryptographer.ManageKeys To enable encryption, Go to cluster -> Configure tab -> […]

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