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How to create VMFS partition on USB device for ESXi 6.x

Plug in the USB device to the ESXi host Make sure that usbarbitrator service is off on the ESXi host so that the host will not use it as Passthrough : # /etc/init.d/usbarbitrator stop Check the usb in core device list : # esxcli storage core device list t10.SanDisk00Cruzer_Blade000000004C530001111202103073    Display Name: Local USB Direct-Access […]

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PSOD happening on ESXi host after USB disconnect

You might face a PSOD after/during the USB disconnect. If you have, you might see a PSOD with backtrace similar to below: cpu17:33399)@BlueScreen: #GP Exception 13 in world 33399:vmklinux_9:h @ 0x41802c42b8e8cpu17:33399)Code start: 0x41802c400000 VMK uptime: 3:16:17:26.592cpu17:33399)0x439113b9b830:[0x41802c42b8e8][email protected]#nover+0x31c stack: 0x41802c7ae9c0cpu17:33399)0x439113b9b880:[0x41802c42d22b][email protected]#nover+0x7f stack: 0x80cpu17:33399)0x439113b9b8b0:[0x41802c429c13][email protected]#nover+0xf3 stack: 0x15cpu17:33399)0x439113b9b940:[0x41802cb3c423][email protected]#9.2+0x2b stack: 0x0cpu17:33399)0x439113b9b960:[0x41802ccf8807][email protected]#+0x17 stack: 0x5a3432352e32353acpu17:33399)0x439113b9b990:[0x41802ccf8fb4][email protected]#+0x318 stack: 0xffffffff21fa08d8cpu17:33399)0x439113b9ba10:[0x41802ccff1f2][email protected]#+0x5e stack: 0x0cpu17:33399)0x439113b9bac0:[0x41802ccdc151][email protected]# stack: 0x202cpu17:33399)0x439113b9bbb0:[0x41802cce8d41][email protected]# stack: 0x43050f664ac0cpu17:33399)0x439113b9bbe0:[0x41802cce47fd][email protected]# stack: […]

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vCenter Appliance Hostname/PNID change fails with error “Network update failed”

As we know PNID/hostname change is supported on 6.7 U3 onwards, however while changing the hostname from VAMI, you may encounter errors “Failed to create replication placeholder” and “Network update failed” : To fix the issue, we need to replace the file which is at /usr/lib/applmgmt/networking/py/vmware/appliance/networking/pnid/ location with attached one, restart Appliance mgmt. service […]

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