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vCenter Appliance Networking Commands

  • Tool to check and modify the vCenter Appliance Network related configurations:

# /opt/vmware/share/vami/vami_config_net

  • Network eth0 configuration file :

# /etc/systemd/network/ 

  • Command to list all open ports on PSC and vCenter Appliance: –

# iptables -L port_filter -n –line-numbers

From the above Iptables o/p, identify specific port is being used for which service :

# iptables -L port_filter 5 -n      ======== here “n” is the number from the above command result to check port 636

  • Check uplink status :

# networkctl status

# networkctl status eth0

  • To bring down/up ethernet adapter manually:

# ifconfig

# ifdown eth0   ========== To bring down Ethernet 0

# ifup eth0   ========= To bring up Ethernet 0

Alternate commands to bring ethernet up or down :

  • Check route table :

# route

  • Add new route :

# route add -net gw

  • Check network service status :

# systemctl status systemd-networkd

  • Trace route :

# traceroute <IP-address>

  • DIG (Domain information groper) to query DNS :

# dig <domain-name>

  • DNS config file :

# cat /etc/resolv.conf

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  1. I found other articles with similar steps but this with screenshot makes it way easier for me to follow and know that what I am doing is correct.

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