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VAMI/Appliance management page unable to cleanup old backup tasks even though Retention policy is set

First of all take proper snapshot of the vCenter before making any changes.

Check the content of file “/storage/applmgmt/backup_restore/backup_schedule.json” and verify the value of parameter “max_count”.

It should be equal to the “number of backups to retain” in VAMI page.

If the value is anything other than the retention policy setting or if the parameter is missing , that means the settings in VAMI is not done properly.

Considering that above setting is good, next check the file “/storage/applmgmt/backup_restore/ backup-history.json

Check first how many total backup entries we have in this file. You may use below command to get the info :

# less /storage/applmgmt/backup_restore/backup-history.json | grep -i id | wc -l

Suppose the result count is equal to the number of backup tasks VAMI backup settings has, follow one of the below steps to get rid of old tasks :

1st Procedure :-

  1. Take backup/copy of file /storage/applmgmt/backup_restore/ backup-history.json At different location (chk the file size and space required)
  2. Note down the latest/top 7 backup entries in the Notepad
  3. Delete the content of the backup-history.json File. Don’t delete the file.

# >/storage/applmgmt/backup_restore/ backup-history.json

  • Paste the top 7 backup job contents again. Note: There shouldn’t be any changes in the format otherwise the backups will not work.
  • Restart the applmgmt service and ask customer to monitor

2nd Procedure :-

             (If you are ready to get rid of all current backup tasks and reschedule the backup)

  • Take copy of both “/storage/applmgmt/backup_restore/backup-history.json” and “/storage/applmgmt/backup_restore/backup_schedule.json” Files
  • Rename or move both files
  • Restart Appliance mgmt. service and schedule the backups again

# service-control –stop applmgmt && service-control –start applmgmt

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