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Disable vSAN Modules during ESXi boot process

Sometimes the ESXi host may stuck for very long time while loading vSAN while ESXi reboot. To isolate the issue from vSAN, you may need to boot the host without vSAN.

Note: This may not be a feasible option if the data still exists on the host and the objects do not have sufficient raid configuration for a host failure.

To boot the host with vSAN modules disabled, below would be the steps :-

– Reboot the ESXi Host

– In DCUI screen, press SHIFT+ O to modify the boot options.

– At the bottom of the resulting screen, add below line followed by a space. This would disable vsan temporarily and will be removed at next boot:


– Enter to continue with the host boot up process.

– Once the host is up, you will see that the host doesn’t have vSAN enabled. Same can be validated with below command :

# esxcli system module list

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