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vCenter Appliance Networking Commands

Tool to check and modify the vCenter Appliance Network related configurations: # /opt/vmware/share/vami/vami_config_net Network eth0 configuration file : # /etc/systemd/network/  Command to list all open ports on PSC and vCenter Appliance: – # iptables -L port_filter -n –line-numbers From the above Iptables o/p, identify specific port is being used for which service : # iptables […]

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Linux OS Run Levels

When any Linux system boots, init is the first process to kick in which is responsible for running other processes/start scripts. These processes then take care of initialization of the hardware, networking etc. Init process looks for the default run level in the /etc/inittab file and start scripts corresponding to the default run level. 0 – […]

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What’s new in vSphere 7.0

Hurray! vSphere 7.0 is out. It’s a major release which has lots of new and additional features like LifeCycle Manager service, improved DRS, Assignable Hardware and more security with ADFS (Active Directory Federation services). For more info on 7.0 refer below links :-Features :- Release notes :- Upgrade Best practices for 7.0 :- […]

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Changing Hostname on VCSA

How To Change the FQDN/HOSTNAME/PNID of the vCenter Appliance 6.7 PNID or Hostname change was not supported on the previous versions of vCenter. However from 6.7 Update 3 onwards, we can change the FQDN. Below is the step by step procedure to change the FQDN : Make a entry of the new FQDN of the […]

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VAMI/Appliance management page unable to cleanup old backup tasks even though Retention policy is set

First of all take proper snapshot of the vCenter before making any changes. Check the content of file “/storage/applmgmt/backup_restore/backup_schedule.json” and verify the value of parameter “max_count”. It should be equal to the “number of backups to retain” in VAMI page. If the value is anything other than the retention policy setting or if the parameter […]